Born June 26th 2015

What more could you ask for than this perfectly sweet little girl?

Cali took my breath away and placed me in awe for our entire shoot. Her milky white skin and perfectly formed little face was a photographers dream. It is easy to understand why her new Mommy and Daddy were so enamoured with this little bean.

New born shoots are by far one of my favourite sessions to book for obvious reasons. They are also one of the most unpredictable. Will the baby be sleeping, crying, fussing, or messing. As I tell most clients the baby runs the show, what ever the baby wants or needs comes first. Cali certainly  did not fuss much at all but she was a show stopper with the amount of "messing" that she did.  But as the saying goes girls are  made of sugar and spice and every thing nice so Cali's mess did not faze me.

I hope you enjoy gazing upon this little doll as much as I do.